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My mom has instagram and comments on everything i post

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Longer Throat


Did your parents ever call you a longer- throat as a child or ever in your life? Or is it just my mom?

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Shout out to my mom for calling me at 6 am shitting on my life and decision.

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African Parents (Liberian)

  • Parent: You better not LOSS your ring
  • Me: Don't you mean lose?
  • Parent: OHHHHHH so you think just because you going to school in America you know english? Huh? You correcting me nah? *sucks teeth* PASSSSSSS!
  • Me: ._.
  • ---------DAYS LATER---------
  • Me: Oh me and Susan are going to the mall
  • Parent: But Destani....what they teachin' you in school? Susan and I. PASSSSSSSSS! You stayin home to study
  • Me: huhhhhhh? ._.
  • Parent: You talkin back?
  • Me: .-.
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Ghanaian guys are getting smoother y’all
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This girl used soap and sponge to clean whatever leaves that is talking bout if you’re African then you know. Well I guess I’m not African cause I don’t know
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Why do white people act like Africans have the weird names when they got last names like Jablonski, Cook, Sales, Lozinski

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im convinced africans say or at least think the word “nonsene” at least once a day